Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fashions T-shirts

I love doing free video recipe clips, but you don't have to be an economics major to see the fatal flaw in my business model – the clips are free.

So, I came up with this great idea to make a few dollars to support my site, so I can continue to provide these free cooking lessons. I decided to design and market (through CafePress) amusing T-shirts and other fashionable items that would appeal to foodies far and wide.

Now I have another problem... the items I've designed are only funny if you're a cook, chef, or some other type of hardcore foodie. So, basically I've designed a fashion line that only 1% of the entire population even understands. Now, that's some brilliant marketing!!

Anyway, if you are a foodie, and do get these very esoteric references, then click on the photos of the shirts and you'll be whisked away (pun intended) to my various CafePress storefronts.

By the w
ay, if you've never used CafePress before, the quality is quite good and all the designs seen here come in all kinds of colors and styles. Each photo will take you to that particular line.